The Best Lawyers Are...


If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a lawyer, then you will want to make sure that you get someone who is the creme of the crop, the best of the best. While there are many sorts of lawyers out there, there are certain characteristics that set lawyers like McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C. apart from each other and that prove who truly is the best. In order to really find the best lawyer for your needs, then you should know that the best lawyers are:

Caring and Understanding

Working with a lawyer who is caring and understanding is much more rewarding than having to work with one who is grumpy and only interested in money. If you can find a caring, understanding lawyer, then you will feel validated as you explain your case to him or her, and you can rest assured that you have an advocate on your side: someone who is willing to fight for you and who may even work with you on repayment if you are in a desperate financial situation.


A good lawyer is someone who doesn't give up when faced with a challenge or stumbling block but rather keeps on persevering, determined to deliver you justice and get you the results that you want or need in order to feel validated and happy again after someone has harmed you in one way or another.


Of course, you want your lawyer to be analytical, able to handle and process all of the information that is coming at them from both sides of the spectrum. Such a person should be able to weed through all of the information presented to them, separating fact from fiction, and then help to build a case against the offending party. If they are able to pay extreme attention to detail and can come up with unique solutions to tough problems, then you've got a great lawyer who is sure to help you out.


Generally, it's not a good idea to go with a rookie lawyer, as he or she may not have the argumentative skills necessary to adequately defend you in the courtroom. When selecting the best lawyer for your needs, you should look for someone who has fought in cases similar to yours before, and then look at their track record of wins and losses. If their number of wins in the area you need their help with is much larger than the amount of losses, then consider hiring them to help you.

Willing To Assist You And Give You Time

All lawyers are busy. That's just a fact of being in the law profession. However, if your attorney doesn't seem interested in making time to speak with you as new issues concerning your legal matter arise, then you need to find a new lawyer to represent you right away. If your lawyer is truly dedicated to helping you, then he or she will make time to schedule even a brief meeting with you to discuss these new issues so that they can assess what their next steps should be based on the new information you've provided them.

Finding a good lawyer is easy, but finding one that is the best can be more challenging. Fortunately, if you look for the above attributes in each attorney that you screen, then it should be much easier for you to find one that is truly the best in the industry and who will be willing to represent you until justice is properly served.


14 January 2015

Business Law Basics: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

When I started my first small business, I had no idea how much I really didn’t know. I was fully prepared to deal with customers, sell product and even handle complaints and returns. What I wasn’t aware of was that there is so much more to it. I was lacking the legal expertise to protect the company and myself. I wanted others to benefit from my experience, mistakes and lessons learned, so I started this blog. From employment law to the legal business contracts you’ll have to sign when you form partnerships, business law is complex. I hope that the information here will help you to be better prepared when you start your business so that you’ll know when you need to call an attorney and when you can handle things yourself.