Fighting A Traffic Ticket


If you have received a traffic ticket for committing a violation while on the road, you may want to fight the charges if you feel you were not in the wrong. When fighting a traffic ticket, you will want to have your facts prepared and hiring a traffic violation attorney may be in your favor. Here are some points to consider when fighting a traffic ticket.

Be Aware Of Dates

When fighting a traffic ticket, make sure you are aware of the court date that was printed on the ticket you had received from the police officer. This is often a due date to be used if you are pleading guilty and another date in which you would need to show up for court. If you are pleading guilty, you will want to let the court know that you will be attending by calling or mailing the ticket to the court.

If you miss a court date for a traffic violation, you could end up in worse trouble than the price of the cost of the ticket. You may be fined and in some towns you could even be arrested for failing to show for your hearing. Be positive of the date and that you will be able to attend your hearing before pleading not guilty.

Compile Information

If you know you will be filing a not guilty plea at the time the ticket is handed to you, take some pictures of the area where you had received the violation. This will show what other vehicles were in the area at the time of the violation and your lawyer may be able to get witnesses from this information. Make sure to write down licence plate information and obtain phone numbers for anyone that may have seen what had happened. All this will need to be done immediately following the time you get the ticket. 

One way to contest a ticket is to get photographs of the view where the police officer had seen the alleged violation. You may be able to prove that the police officer had an obstructed or distant view, lessening credibility.

Enlist Some Help

Hiring a traffic violation lawyer (such as one from Hogan-Kimrey LLP Attorneys At Law) would be extremely helpful in winning your case. They would go over the entire scenario about the time you had received the violation and will help you prove that you did not do anything that deserved a ticket.

If you were ticketed for failing to use a signal or speeding, have a mechanic check over your vehicle and give a written summary of the findings. If you had a broken light, for instance, you may get out of the ticket for not knowing there was a bulb out. 


19 February 2015

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