Make Certain You Know How To Recognize Nursing Home Neglect


A countless number of families decide to place their loved ones in nursing homes each day. Generally, this decision is reached when the family is unable to provide the level of care that their loved one needs. They place their complete trust in the nursing facility that they will be able to meet these needs. Some families discover the nursing home is hurting their loved one, more than they are helping them. If you have a family member in one of these facilities, it's important you understand what neglect looks like.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

It's important that you are always keeping your eyes open. Don't make the mistake of assessing the condition of a nursing home based on those things that are easily visible. The exceptional level of cleanliness and friendliness of the healthcare staff doesn't mean that neglect can't still be taking place.

Understand that neglect doesn't always have to take an overt form; it can easily be overlooked. Physically harming your loved one by hitting them is not the only form of neglect that can take place. There are a number of subtle practices that are just as harmful to them.

Emotional neglect 

Nursing homes aren't just tasked with the responsibility of meeting the medical needs of your loved one, but they are also responsible for their emotional well-being. Failing to provide friendly interaction with your loved one is one form of emotional neglect. Caretakers that ignore the concerns of your loved one and don't make an effort to communicate with them are also committing emotional abuse.

Hygiene neglect

Even if an individual is unable to take care of their hygiene needs, it is up to the nursing home to ensure this need is being met. If your loved one is left in a bed with soiled linens, doesn't receive regular cleanings or is left to live in an unclean room, their basic need for good hygiene is not being met. This form of neglect is especially dangerous because poor hygiene can exacerbate certain medical conditions.

If you believe your loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect, it's important to reach out for help. After you've ensured the safety of your loved one, contact an attorney. An attorney will work alongside your family to ensure your loved one is compensated for their pain and suffering and that the nursing home is brought to justice. If you have specific questions about this area of law, contact a lawyer with a firm like Large & Associates Attorneys.


25 June 2015

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