Things To Know When Your Child Is Involved In Another Driver's Car Accident


Finding out that your child was part of a car accident is a tough situation to be in. There are a few things that you will need to do to ensure your child gets great medical care and that you are treated fairly in the legal proceedings.

Upfront Communication Is Always a Good Idea

You may be very angry at the driver who involved your child in a car accident, but keeping open lines of communication is in your best interest and your child's. When you feel that you can speak calmly about what happened, prepare to take down notes about their account of the accident. Get the numbers of any other witnesses who were present at the accident, and get contact for the insurance companies of any drivers who were involved. If your contact was not at fault for the accident, they may already be filing an insurance claim that you could put your two cents into. If your contact is uncooperative in providing information to you, then you might be skipping directly to hiring a car accident attorney to represent you.

Medical Documentation and Evaluation Is Key

For either an insurance claim or lawsuit, getting the right medical evaluation and documentation for your child is key. You should have a general practitioner and/or a chiropractor evaluate your child to see if there is any spinal or muscular damage from the accident. Schedule these appointments as soon as you learn about the accident, since it's more concrete evidence the closer the examinations are to the accident date. It also helps to rule out any serious, hidden damage quickly.

Choosing the Right Lawyer Is Important

When you get into a situation where you'll need to sue to get the right compensation for your child's medical bills, ongoing discomfort, and costly additional care, hiring the right auto accident attorney for the case will be a big part of your success. Working on a lawsuit that involved a child injury will require some special skills on the part of your lawyer. For one, communication is of the utmost importance. They may not be able to get the full details of the accident from your child, so they may need to communicate with many different parties to help you piece together the most complete story. They must be enthusiastic and confident about this extra labor and challenge in order to get the most done.

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29 December 2016

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