Three Reasons To Use A Patent Attorney Before You File

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The time to consult with a patent attorney is before you file your patent. This is opposite of what most people do. They file their patent, and once it is approved, they do not bother to consult with an attorney until they have a problem with the patent office

The main problem with this is that it may be too late for an attorney to help you. It is quite possible that during the filing process you made one or more mistakes that make it impossible for a patent to be granted. The following are three ways a patent lawyer can help prevent this from happening if you consult with him or her before you file.  

They can help you with the specifics of your patent

Perhaps the biggest problem an inventor faces when applying for a patent is being specific about what is being protected. For those unfamiliar with the process of applying for a patent, it is common to be too general. Even in situations where your invention is unlike anything else on the market, the patent office will want you to be specific about your claim. An attorney can help you with these specifics. It may turn out that you need to file for more than one patent to protect every patentable aspect of your invention.

They can review your entire application

Although some of the steps in the patent process are seemingly simply, it is easy to make mistakes. For example, you are required to file a drawing of your invention. Even though your illustration may appear good to you, a patent lawyer may be able to make suggestions to improve the drawing.

They can help answer questions from the patent office

It is common for the patent office to have questions about your application. Having an attorney serves you in two ways. The first is that the application will be more organized and complete, therefore, generating fewer questions. Second, if questions do arise, you will have an attorney ready to field them. They have the legal knowledge to understand exactly how to answer the question or what is needed by the patent office. If there are technical questions, a lawyer can consult with you and your expertise through the legal prism that they understand.

Every aspect of the patent claim process is made more thorough with the assistance of an attorney. This type of robust approach to the application process will give your patent claim a better chance of being granted, and will also make your patent stronger to defend against any encroachment from other companies. For more tips, contact a firm such as Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law.


28 May 2015

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