Did You Get Charged With An Out-Of-State DUI While You Were Traveling? 3 Tips To Deal With The Charges

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Being charged with a DUI while you are vacation can ruin your enjoyment of the trip. While dealing with this type of charge can be scary, the way that you handle it plays a big role in the outcome. You can use these three tips to deal with the out-of-state charges while defending your case so that you can potentially avoid the worst possible penalties. Don't Try to Ignore the Charges

15 January 2020

Does Child Support Always End at 18?

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Anybody going through a divorce, whether they are in the military or not, wonders how long they will be tasked with paying child support. In many states, child support ends when a child turns 18. But what happens when there are special circumstances? Could you be forced to pay child support even after your child reaches the age of majority? These are questions you need to have the answers to before you start the divorce process.

13 December 2019

Have Cancer And It Is Terminal? Importance Of Setting Up A Will

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If you have cancer and it is terminal, you need to do many things to handle your affairs now. Doing these things will make it much easier for your family members after you pass away. One thing you must do is to set up a will. Below are the reasons why this is so important, as well as what will happen if you do not take the time to get a will before you pass.

15 November 2019

Contributing Factors To A Cruise Ship Climbing Wall Fall

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Travelers often choose specific cruise ships based on the amenities that they'll be able to enjoy while on board. If you're someone who enjoys keeping active, you may look for a ship that has a variety of things that you can do beyond lounging on a pool deck. One example is a climbing wall, which is a feature that a number of cruise ships have. This feature can provide you and your fellow passengers with lots of fun, but it could also be the site of a serious fall and injury.

18 October 2019

The Differences Between A Trial Jury And A Grand Jury

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In criminal law, you will often hear the term "jury" in cases. This word can refer to several different things, and the main two things are a grand jury and a trial jury. While both of these are a part of criminal law, they are very different, and here is an explanation of the differences between a grand jury and a trial jury. The purpose of a grand jury A grand jury is a group of everyday individuals who are called to serve as jurors in a case.

23 September 2019

What You Should Look For And Discuss During An Initial Meeting With A Divorce Lawyer

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An initial meeting with a divorce lawyer might be something you highly anticipate or something you are fearful of. In either case, though, you should prepare yourself for this meeting, and one way to do this is by researching what to look for during this meeting and what to talk about. As you prepare for this date, here are several things you should look for and plan to talk about with the lawyer.

16 August 2019

What To Do When Your Workers' Compensation Claim Is Denied

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Workers' compensation insurance exists to protect both businesses and their employees. Specifically, a workers' compensation policy should kick in and provide reimbursement or coverage for expenses related to an employee's on-the-job injury or illness. This can include any expense from medical bills to lost wages. If you've been hurt on the job and have recently filed for workers' compensation, you may be surprised to have received a denial letter in the mail.

12 July 2019

Do You Need Debt Consolidation Before A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

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If you're falling further and further behind on your bills each month, you may be contemplating bankruptcy as an option to get caught up and gain some breathing room. For many who earn too much to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, debt consolidation or a Chapter 13 repayment plan may seem like the only viable options. But should you pursue these options at the same time, or should you seek bankruptcy only after a debt consolidation plan has failed?

13 May 2019

New York Defense Attorneys Applaud New Criminal Defense Law

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For decades, New York's prosecutors have had the advantage of being able to play their cards close to the vest for months after charges have been filed. But this is set to change next year, and defense attorneys have never been happier. Learn more about how these criminal law reforms, slated to take effect January 1, 2020, will change the way crimes are prosecuted in the Empire State. What Changes Are Coming to New York's Criminal Laws?

13 May 2019

Taking Emergency Action To Protect A Child

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Children are provided with additional protections under the law owing to their vulnerable and innocent status. When parents divorce, children are afforded measures that help ensure actions can be taken quickly when the need arises. Whether the problem is neglect, criminal activities, abuse, or parental kidnapping, read on to find out what can be done to address a child's needs in an emergency situation. Temporary Orders When a parent or other concerned adult observes a problem with a child, the first step should be to involve law enforcement.

3 April 2019