3 Ways To Keep Your Children Happy During A Divorce

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Going through a divorce is never easy. It is difficult enough as an adult, but for children, it is even more difficult to understand. They don't understand the logistics of it. Oftentimes, parents end up putting their children in the middle of their divorce proceedings out of spite and anger toward the other party. This causes children to become angry and spiteful. It happens more often than you might realize. Try to focus on keeping your children happy during this difficult time by following the tips below.  

Focus on Spending Time with Them

When your children are with you, the only thing you should be doing is focusing on spending time with them. This is especially important for the non-custodial parent. Make plans to go bowling, take them shopping, go to a movie or whatever else it is that your children like to do. The key is doing as many fun activities with them as you can to ensure their mind is on being a kid and not having to worry about the divorce proceeding. Plan different activities each week to make the most out of every moment you have with them.

Tell Them How Much You Love Them 

As important as spending time with them is, you also have to let them know how much you care using words. Saying "I Love You" and "You are special" means the world to children. Those are words they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Don't assume children know how you feel. Make sure they truly do by saying the words to them as much as you can. Reassure them that the divorce had nothing to do with them. This is crucial for children.

Avoid Talking about the Divorce with Them

Above all else, refrain from discussing the specifics of your divorce with the children or even in front of the children. They need to focus on being children, not on the problems between their parents. Wait until they aren't around and talk with a trusted friend or family member.

In taking the three points above and implementing them into your situation, you can make a difference in how the whole process goes. Not only will it help your children out, but you might find that it helps you a little along the way as well. It's worth the little extra effort to give it a shot and see how much simpler your divorce case gets.

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27 November 2015

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