A Couple Of Custody Dispute Questions You Might Benefit From Having Answered

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Going through a custody dispute with your former spouse can be an extremely emotionally charged experience for you to have to handle. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge will make it far more difficult to make wise choices when it concerns protecting your rights when it comes to these disputes.

Do You Have Options If The Other Parent Denies You Visitation?

As part of your divorce proceeding, the rights and privileges for each parent will be clearly outlined. Sadly, there can be instances where the other parent may attempt to refuse your visitations. Often, this results when a dispute between the parents escalates, and one attempts to withhold visitation in an effort to get what they want from the other parent.

If you find yourself involved in this type of dispute, you can easily feel as though you have few options for forcing visitation. However, your attorney will be able to take aggressive steps to force the other parent to respect your visitation rights. In extreme instances, the other parent may be arrested for being in contempt of court.

How Can You Find Relief If You Are Unable To Pay Your Child Support Obligations?

If you do not have primary custody of your child, you will be expected to contribute to the financial burden that the primary guardian will have to shoulder. At the time of the divorce, the child support obligations will be determined by your current income. However, changes in your financial circumstances can result in these payments becoming a serious financial burden.

When you find that you are unable to pay the full price of your child support obligations, you will need to file a motion with the court to reevaluate your child support payments. This will involve submitting proof of income as well as documentation of any financial burdens that you have. If the judge determines that your child support obligations are unsustainable, it is possible for them to be adjusted to reflect the realities of your current circumstances.

If you find yourself facing a custody dispute or other issues, you will want to be informed about the options that are available to help you address the problem. Knowing that you can petition the court to compel the other parent to respect the visitation agreements as well as the options that can be used to provide relief from unsustainable child support obligations will allow you to ensure that your rights as a parent as protected against an overly aggressive or hostile former spouse.  


25 February 2017

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