Struggling With Credit Card Debt? 3 Ways A Lawyer Can Help

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Credit card debt is something that many Americans have. In fact, the average American household has credit card debt balances that average out at $16,883. The problem is that some people struggle to pay off this debt and end up paying thousands of dollars in interest. Falling behind on credit card debt and failing to make payments can also have disastrous impacts on a person's financial health. For those who are struggling with their credit card debt, a credit card debt lawyer may be able to help. 

Settle The Debt

For those who are overwhelmed by credit card debt, there are options. Settling the debt with the credit card company is a possibility. A settlement involves negotiating with the lender in order to forgive some of the balance owed. This means that the debtor pays back what they can afford rather than what they owe. In some cases, the lender will freeze the debt and come up with a more affordable installment plan. A lawyer can help smooth this process along and get the debtor a better settlement. During debt negotiation, most lawyers charge between $125 and $350 per hour. 

Representation During Lawsuit

In some cases, falling behind on credit card debt can have legal consequences. A credit card company, or a company that has purchased the outstanding credit card debt, may end up suing for the debt owed. A lawyer can work to get defend the debtor and potentially get the lawsuit dismissed or to have the judge rule in favor of the debtor. Lawyers are aware of each state's statutes of limitations and laws regarding credit card debt. They can defend their clients and work toward the best possible outcome in this situation.


If the credit card debt is too much, it may be necessary for the debtor to file for bankruptcy. A lawyer can help walk them through this process and ensure that their bankruptcy is successful. It can be difficult to determine whether to file for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Having a lawyer on hand will ensure that the right decision is made. A lawyer's fees for filing bankruptcy cost on average $945, though that number can be higher depending on the complexity of the case.  

Credit card debt can be crippling. However, a lawyer can help. For those who are in credit card debt that they are unable to pay, a law office like Affiliated Legal Services Inc can settle the debt for less than what is owed. They are also able to represent their clients if they are sued by the credit card company. Filing for bankruptcy is also more likely to be successful with the help of a lawyer.


13 November 2017

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