5 Ways No-Fault Insurance Helps You After A Car Accident

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After you have been in a car accident, the first thing on your mind is making sure that you get the medical help that you need. If you live in a state with no-fault insurance laws, your no-fault insurance policy provides you with lots of ways to pay for your medical bills and care.

Medical Expenses

The first thing that your no-fault insurance will help you cover is all of your medical bills related to the treatment of the injuries that you sustained from your car accident. All of your medical bills should be directed to and covered by your insurance provider through your no-fault insurance. This includes the ambulance ride to the hospital, the care you received in the emergency room, any tests that were run, any follow-up appointments and care, as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation costs.

Medical Mileage

Getting to all of those appointments requires some form of transportation. No-fault insurance will reimburse you for your travel costs based on the miles that you had to travel to and from each appointment. If you had to use alternative means of transportation to get to your appointment, such as a taxi or a bus, those travel costs will be reimbursed.

Attendant Care

If your injuries are really serious and require that you get in-home nursing care to assist with your recovery, all in-home nursing care related to your accident and recovery will be covered. This will help you offset the cost of getting the support you need to recover. If you are offered attendant care don't dismiss it right away, as this is a benefit that is covered with your no-fault insurance policy.

Replacement Services

When you are injured, it is more than medical bills that can pile up. Your injuries may prevent you from doing everyday activities that you normally do for your household, such as cleaning the house, walking the dogs, talking care of your kids, or helping out elderly relatives.

Any services or activities in which you normally participate can be outsourced during your recovery. Your no-fault insurance policy should provide you with money to pay for these replacement services as you recover.

Wage Recovery

Many jobs don't provide sick leave, and even if they do, you want to save your sick leave for when you have the flu, not when you have been involved in a car accident. If you have to miss any work at all due to your accident and recovery process, or if you have to cut back on your work, your lost wages should be replaced via your no-fault insurance.

Hire a car accident lawyer to help ensure that you receive all the benefits that your no-fault insurance allows you. With no-fault insurance you are offered a host of benefits, if you know how to fill out the right forms to receive those benefits. An experienced car accident attorney can make sure that you are able to access those benefits when you need them.


17 June 2018

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