False Memories, Traffic Cameras, And You: How These Things Can Help/Hinder Your Case

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Traffic accidents rely on he said, she said statements. In the heat of the accident, you may think you know how everything occurred. You may even remember the events in a specific way. However, if there were working traffic cameras taking footage of your accident, you may be in for a rude awakening. The cameras may also confirm your story. As you pursue an auto accident lawsuit and look for auto accident lawyer services, you will need to consider the following facts.

Studies Have Shown That Witness Memories Are Flawed

Time and again, studies regarding witness memories have shown that witness memories are flawed. This includes people who are involved in an accident. In some cases, two people in the same car "remember" completely different details about the accident! Both you and your lawyer need to take this into consideration when you are presented with traffic camera footage and what you initially reported to the police in regards to your accident.

Camera Footage Does Not Lie

Yes, camera footage can be doctored, but when it comes to the traffic cameras that belong to the police and the state government, it is illegal to doctor the footage. That said, camera footage of your accident does not lie. You need to be ready to see the accident all over again, from outside of your vehicle.

The footage can either corroborate the police report and what you remember, or it can completely blow the proverbial lid off of your case. If the latter happens, your case may be thrown out, and your telling of the accident discredited. You need to brace yourself for whatever the footage shows and accept the fact that flawed human memory may be to blame.

Of course, the reverse is also true. The footage could prove what you said and confirm what you remember. The footage can also verify the police report and make it solidly valid in a court of law.

It Is Best to Secure and View the Footage Prior to Filing Your Lawsuit

You cannot ask for the traffic camera footage from the day of your accident. However, your lawyer can. He or she can get the footage from the police, and then both of you can view it together in the lawyer's office. It is a very good idea to view this footage before moving ahead with the filing of your lawsuit. Doing so protects you from potential humiliation or validates what you remember.

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17 July 2018

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