Contributing Factors To A Cruise Ship Climbing Wall Fall

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Travelers often choose specific cruise ships based on the amenities that they'll be able to enjoy while on board. If you're someone who enjoys keeping active, you may look for a ship that has a variety of things that you can do beyond lounging on a pool deck. One example is a climbing wall, which is a feature that a number of cruise ships have. This feature can provide you and your fellow passengers with lots of fun, but it could also be the site of a serious fall and injury. Legal action against the cruise line may be advisable in the wake of such an incident, especially if one of these factors was present.

Climbing Equipment in Unsafe Condition

Despite its seemingly risky nature, climbing in a controlled environment such as on a climbing wall is actually a very safe activity. Injuries can occur, however, when a climber unknowingly uses equipment that hasn't been properly maintained. This may be something that was applicable to your fall and injury. For example, if your harness or one of your climbing apparatuses failed while you were suspended in the air, you may have tumbled several feet to the deck below. Your cruise ship accident attorney will argue the direct link between the condition of the gear and your fall and injury.

Inadequate Instruction

Any cruise ship crew member who oversees the climbing wall should be extensively trained in climbing. This experience means that he or she will be able to provide climbers — including those who have never done this activity in the past — with qualified instructions to help them climb safely. In your situation, it may be apparent to you that the crew member who oversaw your climbing effort lacked expertise, and a subsequent investigation by your law firm's investigators could reveal this to be the case.

Involvement of Alcohol

A lot of people enjoy consuming alcohol on cruise ships, but activities such as climbing and alcohol do not mix. It's possible that the crew member was under the influence of alcohol — maybe you smelled alcohol on his or her breath, or he or she was behaving in a manner that was consistent with intoxication. It's even possible that you'd been drinking, and while this can suggest some culpability on your behalf, the cruise ship could also be partially to blame for not refusing access to the climbing wall to you because of your apparent intoxication.

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18 October 2019

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