Did You Get Charged With An Out-Of-State DUI While You Were Traveling? 3 Tips To Deal With The Charges

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Being charged with a DUI while you are vacation can ruin your enjoyment of the trip. While dealing with this type of charge can be scary, the way that you handle it plays a big role in the outcome. You can use these three tips to deal with the out-of-state charges while defending your case so that you can potentially avoid the worst possible penalties.

Don't Try to Ignore the Charges

When you are charged with a criminal act in a different state, your first instinct might be to go home and forget all about it. However, denial will not help your case. The state that you received the charges in will typically notify your home state about the charges, which means that you can expect to begin facing penalties after you return home. 

You will also want to make arrangements to return to the state that issued the charges when you have your court date. If you don't show up, then the court can continue with your case without your presence. This can result in you facing the fullest penalties without having the opportunity to defend yourself. It is much better to show up for court with a DUI attorney that can help you prepare a proper defense.

If you try to completely ignore the charges by failing to respond to the judicial system's communications, then they may issue a warrant for your arrest that is communicated to your home state.

Understand the Full Scope of the Penalties

Due to the Driver License Compact, the majority of states share information with each other about people's driving histories. After a DUI, the state may place a suspension on your license, and this will also be shared with your home state. Depending upon the state where you are charged, you may face other penalties that include having to serve jail time, pay fines, and participate in alcohol cessation classes. Some states also require you to use an interlock device on your vehicle for a specific period of time if you are found to be guilty of the crime.

Work With a Local Defense Lawyer

Today, 0.08 is the standard blood alcohol content level that states use to determine if someone may be driving over the legal limit. However, states have their own laws regarding at what point people face enhanced penalties. The local laws also affect what type of penalties you will face if you are convicted. A local DWI defense attorney can help you understand the laws and penalties while also helping you to develop a strong defense for what happened. You'll also find that working with a local defense attorney who is from the state that issued the charges can help you to know what to expect, since they will already have a relationship with the court. Reach out to resources like Kevin T Conway Esq Pc to get started with your case.


15 January 2020

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