Protecting Your Rights In A Car Accident Case

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A car accident can be one of the more serious incidents that a person can experience as it will be able to cause major injuries, substantial property damage, and mental anguish. Not surprisingly, being faced with needing to resolve an auto accident claim can leave some people feeling lost and stressed, but a little information can give individuals a better sense of clarity and confidence throughout this process.

What If The Other Car Fled?

After an accident, both drivers have a legal obligation to remain at the accident scene until the police can arrive. Sadly, there may be instances where the other party fled the scene. If you are faced with this scenario, you should still notify the police and obtain an accident report as well as report the hit and run driver. The victim will have several options for potentially receiving compensation in these instances. Some drivers may have had the foresight to purchase an insurance policy that covers hit and run as well as uninsured drivers. These individuals may be able to recover their damages by filing this claim. Unfortunately, those without this coverage may need to gather evidence in order to locate and sue the party that caused the accident.

How Can You Know If The Initial Offer Is One You Should Take?

It is common for the defendant's insurance to reach out to accident victims in an effort to settle the case before it can escalate into a lawsuit. Most often, the insurance will attempt to get the defendant to accept a low offer as this can save the insurance money. As a result of this incentive, you should always carefully review any settlement offers that are made so you can determine whether it will be appropriate for the types of damages you suffered and the facts of the case. In many instances, the insurance may be willing to accept a counteroffer for the claim, but this will require experience with understanding the approximate value of the case.

What Are The Costs You Must Pay If You Opt To Pursue A Lawsuit?

When it becomes necessary to pursue a lawsuit against the party responsible for your accident, you might be worried about what this will cost you. However, it is possible to find legal representation for this type of case that will not require you to pay upfront. Rather, these services simply take a percentage of the final settlement offer. Furthermore, these attorneys may even front the court costs of the case, which will then be taken from the final settlement amount. Talk to a car accident lawyer to learn more. 


13 February 2020

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