Three Misunderstandings About A Personal Injury Case That You May Have

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If you have been injured and want to collect compensation from a person or business over your injuries, you may have gone so far as inform them that you are going to get an attorney. And although you should consult with an attorney over your injury, you should keep your expectations realistic. There are likely things about a personal injury case that you do not understand. The following may be a few of them.

The sky is not the limit compensation

You may have heard people say in the movies or television shows that they will sue for everything someone has, but this is not reality. In fact, most insurance policies have limits on policies. This can be plainly seen with car insurance. If you drive a car, you have limits for liability, as do other drivers. The most an insurer will payout for a claim will be the maximum of the policy. It is possible to get more, just not from the insurance company. So before you start thinking about how much you deserve, you need to consult with an attorney to find out how much compensation is possible.

Not everyone collects for their injuries

You must establish that there was a person who was negligent, and this negligence was the cause of your injury. It can also be a process or a policy of a business that led to your injury. This can often be seen when a person is injured on the property of a business. No single person was responsible, but it was the policy of the business that led to your injury. In the area of consumer protection, sometimes a business did not test a product sufficiently before it was released, or it may have been an unsafe design from the start. What you need to keep in mind is that regardless of the severity of an injury, you will need to demonstrate that it was not just an accident. A personal injury attorney may be able to establish that it was negligence.

An attorney will end up taking too much money

You may be aware that a personal injury attorney will take a fee after the case is settled, but you may also be under the impression that they will take so much that you are likely to get more if you have no attorney at all. However, this is playing into an insurance company's hands. Without an attorney, you are likely to get a much smaller settlement, and you won't even realize it. Even after an attorney takes their fee, you are likely to be much better off.

There are many misunderstandings about personal injury law. Those listed above are only a few of them. You should not go it alone. Contact an attorney to discuss the strength of your case and how much compensation you may be able to collect. 


29 November 2020

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