How Companies Can Properly Handle Frivolous Lawsuits

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Frivolous lawsuits are very stressful for companies to deal with, but they may come about one way or another. If they do and you want to put a stop to it in an effective manner, remember these legal tips. 

Understand What Makes a Lawsuit Frivolous

Even if you don't think there are grounds for your company to be sued in a certain situation, you may still want to find out if the case is frivolous or not. That will prevent you from doing the wrong thing and potentially regretting your decision.

Basically, frivolous lawsuits are lawsuits that don't have any grounds. It may be that someone injured themselves prior to showing up at your worksite and are now claiming your property caused their injury. Further, maybe a customer claims you made their product defective when it in fact is not. These are considered frivolous and they require a different approach compared to legitimate cases.

Gather Information on Alleged Victim

In the case of frivolous lawsuits, information is your best friend. It can be used as evidence against the alleged victim claiming that your company is in the wrong in some way. If you have records on the alleged victim, you want to gather them and get them organized.

You also want to record any forms of communication you have with the alleged victim. Anything they say can be used against them in the court of law, which can help if the case does get far enough to where courts get involved. 

Hire an Attorney

If you're worried about a frivolous lawsuit possibly catching some traction, then you'll want to hire an attorney as soon as you can. Many deal with frivolous lawsuits all of the time, making them your best resource when fighting one. They can look at the evidence and claims the alleged victim has, determining the best course of action. It may be to submit an official letter to the person suing your company to stop any attempts of making contact. If they breach this request, they themselves could get sued. Additionally, your attorney may speak to the person's attorney directly to get them to stop pursuing a lawsuit. Either way, you'll have plenty of options when you hire an attorney.

If your company ever finds itself facing a frivolous lawsuit, make sure you know how to approach it early on so that your company doesn't waste a lot of time or money dealing with these unjust lawsuits. Contact a company that can stop frivolous lawsuits for more information.


30 December 2020

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