Know What To Expect With Workers' Comp Coverage

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After a workplace injury, hurt workers can be confused and uncertain about what to expect in terms of workers' comp benefits. Read on for a better idea of the benefits usually paid to hurt workers who need to take some time off work to recuperate.

All Medical Care 

Your medical needs should be fully met if the treatment is related to your injury and the doctor in charge orders it. In most cases, that means any emergency care and having ongoing treatments that range from surgery to physical therapy. You can expect to be directed toward certain doctors, in most cases, who will coordinate and oversee your treatment. Certain injuries will call for the help of a medical specialist such as an orthopedic doctor, so you will be referred in that case. You may need legal help if you encounter problems with your medical treatment.

Disability Pay 

If you are not able to do your job after the injury, the workers' compensation insurer will also provide you with disability wages while you are out of work. This pay, however, is not a complete replacement for your usual pay, but is instead about 66.6% of that amount. However, you should note that the actual pay and the percentage may vary. It's important to know that disability pay is not income, so no deductions are removed. You do not need to include disability pay on your income tax filings either. Workers' comp legal help could get your benefits started or resumed when issues pop up.

Permanent Injury Settlements 

Not all injuries heal enough to allow the hurt worker to return to their job. When the worker's comp insurer deems a worker permanently affected by an injury, a settlement may be offered. Settlements often come after the worker has been evaluated by an independent doctor to determine the extent of the disability. Workers can be deemed to be 100% disabled or any percentage less than that. A variety of factors affect the settlement amount such as:

  • The worker's former salary, age, education level, and training.
  • The dollar amount of other settlements in the same geographical area.
  • The level of disability suffered.

Know What You Are Entitled to and Get It 

Those affected by a workplace injury don't have to be at the whim of a faceless insurer. Workers' comp lawyers can lead workers through the process to obtain the best possible outcome. If you disagree with any insurance decision, you have the right to challenge it. Work with an attorney who knows the laws extensively and is ready to get you the settlement you require and deserve.

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12 January 2022

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