Take The Middle Road After A Car Accident

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If a careless driver has caused you to spend time in the hospital, you are probably owed monetary compensation from the other driver. There is more than one way to approach this situation, but a happy medium is usually the best way. Read on to find out more about taking the middle road to personal injury success.

You Rely on the Insurer

It's only natural to believe that the other driver's insurer will take care of your damages. If you are not careful, though, you could find yourself accepting a check from them or signing an accident release and then realizing you have made a big mistake. Insurers are not motivated to pay you what you deserve or need, and they may delay paying you anything at all. Don't let cute advertisements or big brand names fool you into trusting the wrong people after an accident.

You Automatically Want to Sue the Other Guy

You have the right to take the other driver and their insurer to court, but should you? Filing a lawsuit will eventually get you your day in court, but it can take a long time to resolve court cases, and you will need to consider the stress and cost (court costs) of taking a large insurer to court. 

Taking the Middle Road: Settlements

You don't necessarily have to trust the insurer or take anyone to court to be paid what you deserve after an accident. Settlements allow accident victims to be paid quickly and easily if victims take care when agreeing to them. Here is what victims should know about vehicle accident settlements:

  1. Speak to a personal injury lawyer and find out what your case is worth. You might be surprised that you were willing to accept so much less than you deserve.
  2. Never speak to the accident adjuster for the other driver. You don't have to, and your lawyer can take care of that for you. That prevents you from accidentally saying something on the phone that could negatively affect your case. Also, never sign anything without checking with your lawyer first.
  3. Be ready to provide your lawyer with what they need to get you paid. That means giving them the accident report, insurance information, how much time you've missed from work, and a summary of your injuries and medical costs so far.
  4. Settlements usually cover several areas of compensation, some of which can only be gained by asking for a settlement. You can be paid for your lost wages, as mentioned above, medical costs, lost and damaged property like your vehicle, and finally, pain and suffering.

Don't hesitate — speak to a personal injury lawyer about your accident case today.


12 January 2022

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