3 Reasons Everyone Should Create A Living Will

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While many people have a will that clearly lays out their wishes in the event that they pass away, far fewer people have something equally important: a living will. A living will specify what you want to happen in the case that you are incapacitated but still alive. This is an unfortunate yet common reality for people involved in serious accidents who are subsequently put on life support. Read on to discover just a few of the most important reasons why everyone should create a living will. 

Provide Guidance for Family

If you fall into a coma or are put on life support after an accident, it is bound to be an extremely difficult time for your family and loved ones. Times such as these can include as much confusion as grief, especially because you are unable to give consent about future actions taken on your behalf. Fortunately, family members can defer to a living will in order to gain clarity about what you wish to happen in these kinds of circumstances. At the very least, this eliminates the enormous amount of second-guessing and doubting that occurs if a living will has not been drafted.

Gain Control Over Treatment

For many people, it is understandably scary to imagine being treated in a hospital without their consent, as well as in a way that they would not be comfortable with otherwise. Yet for those patients who are alive but medically unresponsive, this is exactly what can happen without a living will. As a result, many people may stipulate in a living will how long they want to receive treatment that involves dialysis, a ventilator, a feeding tube, and more. It is also common to include permission for doctors to perform certain surgeries, while still prohibiting others. If you are unsure about what you want to include in a living will, it can help to speak with an attorney who can aid you in drafting one.

Make Important End-of-Life Choices

A living will can also include extensive information about what you wish to happen to your body if you do pass away. Many people may not have taken the time to communicate their wishes regarding organ donation and final disposition to family members. If you do not want these choices made on your behalf, then it is more than worthwhile to work with a lawyer who can help you create a detailed living will.

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12 December 2022

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