Tips For Creating A Fundraising Letter For Your Adoption

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Pursuing an international adoption requires a significant commitment of both time and money. You'll be working with a lot of specialists along the way, from social workers to family attorneys and possibly even a translator if you're adopting internationally. You may find that you need to do some fundraising to help cover the costs of these services and the adoption itself. Many families are turning to fundraising letters as a way to support their efforts.

31 December 2014

The Hows, When, And Whats Of Social Security Disability Benefits


Social Security Disability benefits are for those who have paid into the system and become unable to work due to a mental or physical disability. To receive these benefits, you must unable to perform substantial work for at least one year or have a terminal condition. You need to understand how these benefits work, when you can get them, how to apply, and what happens if you are denied.  How Do You Apply For Benefits?

29 December 2014