A Couple Of Custody Dispute Questions You Might Benefit From Having Answered

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Going through a custody dispute with your former spouse can be an extremely emotionally charged experience for you to have to handle. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge will make it far more difficult to make wise choices when it concerns protecting your rights when it comes to these disputes. Do You Have Options If The Other Parent Denies You Visitation? As part of your divorce proceeding, the rights and privileges for each parent will be clearly outlined.

25 February 2017

How Children Can Testify During Custody Cases


Children don't normally testify during custody hearings; testifying in court can frighten children and affect them psychologically. However, children can sometimes contribute to the case by providing factual testimony or stating their custodial preferences. When they do, they don't have to testify in open court, but rather via various other ways, including these three: Testifying In the Judge's Chamber Even if the child has to speak directly to the judge, it's not must that they do it in court.

10 February 2017

Things To Know When Your Child Is Involved In Another Driver's Car Accident


Finding out that your child was part of a car accident is a tough situation to be in. There are a few things that you will need to do to ensure your child gets great medical care and that you are treated fairly in the legal proceedings. Upfront Communication Is Always a Good Idea You may be very angry at the driver who involved your child in a car accident, but keeping open lines of communication is in your best interest and your child's.

29 December 2016

Who Pays College Tuition After The Parents Divorce?

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Part of your divorce settlement talks will undoubtedly include future financial support for shared children. Even if college is years away, you and your spouse should at least lay the groundwork for handling the tuition and other education-related expenses. To help you and your spouse create an agreement that works for you, there are several factors you should consider.   Custody  When your children apply for financial aid to help cover the costs of college, they will need to provide income information for the custodial parent.

8 December 2016

The Burden Of Proof In A Wrongful Death Suit

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Losing a loved one is never easy, but the burden you feel can be increased when your loved one's death comes as a result of the negligent actions of another. Many people seek legal retribution through the filing of a wrongful death suit when they lose a loved one unexpectedly. If you are thinking of filing a wrongful death suit, it's important that you understand the burden of proof that must be met in order to access financial compensation for the death of your loved one.

17 November 2016

Your Disabled Child And Social Security

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Social Security is not just for adults who are unable to work at their job because of a medical condition; it is also available for children. If your child meets the medical and income requirements, they may be entitled to draw a monthly benefit check until they are 18 years old (when they can apply for the adult version). Meeting the income requirements in order to qualify can be extremely confusing, so read on to learn more.

27 October 2016

Do You Know These Three Things About DUI Laws?

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Driving under the influence is one of the most serious traffic offenses considering the penalties (jail time, license suspension, mandatory alcohol education, and many others). However, many people aren't well versed on the laws surrounding DUI offenses. Here are three examples of DUI facts you might not know: It Isn't Restricted To Operation of Motor Vehicles  First, did you know that you don't have to be in a car to be charged with DUI?

30 August 2016