Three Reasons That You May Want To Take Legal Action Against Your Real Estate Agent

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When you're buying or selling a home, your real estate agent should be a trusted confidant. This is the biggest financial decision that you'll make in your life, and knowing that your agent is representing your best interests is integral. Unfortunately, there can be times that you're unhappy with how your agent has handled your situation, and you might even think about pursuing legal action. You should set up a consultation with an attorney at a firm like Law Offices Of Harry G Lasser and discuss your experiences.

26 February 2019

When Change Is In The Air: Divorce And Estate Planning

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When a divorce is in your near future, the list of issues to address can seem endless. For those who've had the foresight to create an estate plan, an upcoming divorce should prompt the need to reexamine your plans. Changes in marital status probably mean changes in your estate plans as well, so read on to read more. Don't Delay Making Changes As soon as you are certain of the divorce, make an appointment to meet with your estate attorney.

22 January 2019