3 Things You Should Know About Your Finances Before Filing for a Divorce

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Think you are ready to call it quits and file for a divorce? Before you make a quick trip to the courthouse or your attorney's office to get started on the paperwork, you should know that a divorce can get pretty complicated. If you want the process to be easier on you, it is a good idea to be fairly familiar with some of the things regarding finances that can come up in the filing process.

30 August 2016

What Happens During A Preliminary Hearing?

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If you are the defendant in a criminal case, a preliminary hearing will only take place if you take the not guilty plea in the initial appearance or arraignment. At the same time, the decision whether a preliminary hearing will take place in your criminal case will be determined by the state laws. This is because in some states, there must be a preliminary hearing for every criminal case.  In others, it only takes place upon request by the defendant.

10 August 2016

Help! What Can You Do When Being Hounded By Debt Collectors?

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Debt collectors can be very persistent. The first thing you need to do is not to panic especially if you don't have the money to pay for the bill. The companies have specific guidelines that must be followed. Debt buyers may have your name from a debt and not have the correct information. These facts should help you understand what you can do to get the hounds off your trail.

27 July 2016

What Healthcare Workers Should Do When Injured At Work

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As a healthcare industry professional, you've made a vow to nurture and protect the health of your patients. Who is going to look out for you when you're the patient? The unfortunate reality is that a number of healthcare professionals get injured every day due to workplace negligence. If you've found yourself in this predicament, it's important that you know what to do. Get Medical Treatment Your years of experience and training have probably made it easier for you to self-diagnosis than the average person.

11 July 2016

Can You Sue A Landlord For Discrimination Over Use Of Medical Marijuana?

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Many people use marijuana to treat a medical condition such as chronic pain. Therefore, it's understandable these people may think they are covered under the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA), and they may be shocked when a landlord refuses to rent to them or evicts them from the unit because of their marijuana use and possession. If you're in this situation, you may be wondering if you can sue for discrimination if you live in a state where marijuana is legal.

23 June 2016

3 Issues You Should Discuss With An Estate Planning Lawyer

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A misconception you may have heard is how only those with many assets need to deal with estate planning. This is simply not true, since many people have pensions, life insurance policies, or personal preferences about who assets will go to after they pass away. Here are 3 issues you should discuss with an estate planning attorney to ensure that all your basics are covered in your plan. Understanding What Can and Cannot Be Transferred In A Will

4 June 2016

Advantages To Beginning Estate Planning When Still Young

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Many individuals put off their estate planning until much later in their life -- but there can be some advantages to beginning your estate planning even as a young adult. One of the major misunderstandings about an estate plan is that it's only for the older and the wealthy. Estate plans can be beneficial for anyone, for a variety of reasons. You'll Protect Your Children (and Pets) Many young adults without significant assets still have children and even pets that need to be taken care of.

16 May 2016

Time To Throw In The Towel? 4 Steps To Take To Prepare For Your Divorce

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If you find yourself thinking about divorce more often, it might be time to start making some plans for the future. There are some things you'll need to do that will help you start a life of your own once the divorce is final. Some of the things you'll need to do to prepare for your new life should be done before you even file the paperwork. Here are four things you should do before you file for divorce.

9 May 2016

What You Will Need If You Want A Restraining Order Against Someone

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Restraining orders are designed for protection, but they are not always easy to obtain. If there is a person in your life that is scaring you or causing you to fear for your safety, getting a restraining order might help you stay safe, and it might help you feel safer. The problem is that you will need to prove that you really need one in order for a court to approve your request.

29 April 2016

Tips For Protecting Yourself And Other Drivers In Spring

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Spring is almost here and the driving conditions outside are changing quickly! If you're one of the many people on the roads this spring, keeping up with the changes in weather, road conditions and the behavior of other people will help you avoid motor vehicle accidents. The following tips will help you react properly to these changing conditions, reducing your liability and helping to ensure your safety. Know What to Do If Your Car Starts to Hydroplane

25 March 2016